Welp. That happened…

Well 2016 was a thing wasn’t it? You hear about everyone complaining about it being “the worst year ever” or “could 2016 get worse?” or even people setting up a GoFundMe page for someone to go protect Betty White till 2017 (they raised over $3,000.)
And while there is a lot of “bad” that happened in 2016, there was also so much good that happened! At least in my life there was. So! Here is some of my highlights from the best year yet: 2016.


Well when the clock struck midnight on December 31st, 2015; I was in the most exciting place ever to ring in a new year. not. Due to a delayed flight, my family and I were in a hotel room in Los Angeles…

Yeah no. Anyway…

Later in January I had my “first” official date with Matt which was amazing.20160118_164949

Few days later I hit my Golden Birthday! What better way to celebrate turning 19 then with a sleepover in a fort!picture1231161112_1


February held a few adventures, including going on a ride-along with Everett Police Department, which was an amazing, adrenaline pumping experience!12657407_1664585093794592_6008927274055195887_o

Then on Valentine’s Day, a day I previously had never really enjoyed, my valentine gave me some pwetty pwetty flowers. (and yes I spelled it that way on purpose)

A few other things happened in February like me becoming an accidental serial cat killer… whoops… and then later in the month, my sister Liz and her boyfriend, and Matt and I went to a Rend Collective concert which was an amazing night full of worship and dancing!


March started with me being sick as a dog, cramming to finish a research paper only to find out in class the next day that the due date got pushed till the next week… still a smidge salty bout that… (ps i’m told being salty equals being butthurt or annoyed. so yup fun fact)

Later in March, I embraced my hairdresser side and dyed my sisters hair. It was a bonding experience.

Spring Break I flew out to visit my best friend Caroline, and many fun times were had! 10409561_1134380099906412_922766028785514449_n


April started with donating blood, getting my veins complimented, agonizing/dying a little every day in Math class, and then finding out just how ungraceful I am by going ice-skating for Matt’s Birthday! (and yes, that’s his smolder and this was also before I fell on my rear about 58 times)13051649_1689137544672680_4544230608980731067_n


In May, Liz, Lauren (or more commonly referred to as bro) and I went color running! I love the Color Run because it’s not timed (yay), while there is a few legit runners the majority is just people out for some fun (yay), you get covered in powdered paint every kilometer (yay), and after the race, you get to go party and covered in more paint (YAY!) so overall its just the funnest thing to ever do!
The before pictures…8fbf4fe4ccfe8b0539608d0a1cb8e45b

And the after!

Then later in the month Matt and I went to a friends birthday party and danced the night away! or well we tried to at least…


Then later our family and the guys went up to Mt. Baker National Park to attend my cousin Michelle’s wedding! We had a little cabin up in the woods with a hot tub which oh man… it was amazing… until you had to get out and run into the house before you froze to death.13246366_785039131596400_6709380961846047665_o

At the end of the month, Liz and I volunteered at Camp Gilead’s 5K River Run which raises money for camper scholarships! It’s always a super fun day filled with me jumping up and down cheering people on and basically getting the same workout as actually running the 5K! (in picture from left to right; Liz, me, and Alex) 13346249_1052212808182481_2030073853888462388_o

And then before the race started, I got the rare privilege of driving Jack’s golf cart! Which if you know anything about Camp Gilead, you should know that not just anyone gets to drive it. I was very excited.13323820_1052391218164640_6918586764764021230_o


Well June rolled around and on the 4th Matt and I celebrated our 6 months of adventuring together!13315634_1705327873053647_3178780181500231661_n

A few days later had me swamped with finals and ready to just table flip every table I saw. But I settled with burning all of my math homework which was quite therapeutic let me tell you!!13406929_1706666969586404_6970120740558457206_n

Then it was graduation season! A few of my friends threw a party and of course I couldn’t resist the photobomb opportunity… sorry not sorry guys….


For Father’s Day we went to go see Finding Dory where we laughed till we cried, and then some of us just cried…. (I’m looking at you mom…)


And then, well the greatest part of 2016 started. Over the summer I worked as a camp counselor at Camp Gilead, and it was one of the most amazing, enriching, growing experiences of my life. (This is not sponsored by Camp Gilead I promise)

At the end of June, we had a week of staff training, where we played games, learned about policies, and altogether had an absolutely amazing week making friendships to last a lifetime!


First staff photo!


Team games.. YU-KON DO IT


Last day of training!

After a very short weekend we got CAMPERS!! And thus started the craziest week of my life! While I was insanely nervous about counseling my only 5 campers, it turned out to be an awesome week with crazy dress up days, water wars, and jumping off a diving board more times then I ever had before in my life. I also got to know my fellow girl counselors a lot more, and I can’t even describe how much of an impact this camp made on me.


July was full of trying to stay awake on Sunday mornings in church, and then driving back to camp in the evening for staff worship and meetings. Monday mornings we welcomed day campers, had breakfast and then went back to our cabins to wait for our campers to arrive!! The rest of the week was filled with skits, chapels, singing and jumping and singing and jumping, and swimming and crafts and archery and boating and dirtboarding and riflery and the super duper comfortable not at all painful slip’n’slide (so much sarcasm in that phrase oh man). Friday nights were campfire night where we got to hear about important spiritual decisions the campers had made that week, which is always very special and encouraging to everyone! Saturday mornings were quite bittersweet with saying goodbye to my campers and looking forward to that nap I got to take in the afternoon!
I also got to lead my campers in a Bible study every day, and I loved answering all their super random questions about anything and everything! When your campers grades range between Grade 3 and Grade 12 depending on the week, you can imagine the topics we covered! And yes, dinosaurs were discussed… Job 40:15 is a popular verse for that one.

So as you can see there was a lot that happened! lots of messy days, and fun staff meetings in the mornings, and amazing campfires every Friday night.

There was also a week of Family Camp in July which was so much fun and a totally different week then the others! 13559006_10153759944388753_8225319434027738429_oWe also got to be in a parade!! It was so exciting! I forgot to princess wave, and definitely regretted that about 2 minutes in when my arm already hurt…


August had 2 more weeks of campers, and then a final banquet for the staff and their family. I must admit I cried more that summer than I think I had before in my whole life. Lots of happy tears, lots of sad “I’m going to miss you” tears, and lots of “ow I fell down the hill again” laughing tears.
This picture is of my sister and I on banquet night, and we were quite happy to finally see each other again! (and yes I know, I have quite the tan lines… that’s what 8 weeks in the sun does!)13934609_824972550936391_288857481407160691_n

A few sleep filled days later, our family was off to Paris, France for a short vacation there before taking a train down to Venice, Italy to meet up with my dads side of the family where all 15 of us took a Mediterranean cruise! We hit up 2 cities in Croatia, and 4 cities in Greece! When we got back to Italy, we spent another few days there before flying back home! It was truly an amazing trip and it was so much fun spending time with our cousins and grandparents!

Here are some pictures from our time in Paris:

And then pictures from the Cruise!

These are from Zadar, Croatia:

And then Split, Croatia:

Then from some places in Greece:

So that wraps up August! Truly a trip of a lifetime!


September started with me cleaning out some super lovely freezers…14316810_1741686722751095_8933200129965124535_n

And then starting my second year at Everett Community College!

All in all, a pretty uneventful month but still good times were had!


In the beginning of October, I got to be on the front cover of my schools newspaper which was kinda exciting!14713629_1752467841672983_9100195740815338075_n

Then for my Geography class we had a field trip to the middle of nowhere to do some super important data collecting… not the funnest way to spend the weekend… and then back in civilization everyone was bracing themselves for “THE STORM OF THE CENTURY” which ended up being the biggest embarassment to weather forcasting agencies everywhere. Meanwhile in the middle of nowhere, WE WERE IN THE TYPHOON!!! at least there was a double rainbow to make it less miserable. 14612537_1753746241545143_2269625614279645221_o

Took my doggie Gracie for an adventure which was thrilling!14925384_1762051990714568_2382528755426144444_n

Then  I got to experience carving a pumpkin for the first time which was truly an experience let me tell you! Oh man… the guts…the knives falling on my feet…it was so fun…14604861_1760422997544134_1236661699825446115_n


Near the beginning of the month I discovered I am not a big enough person to donate double red cells, but I am perfect for platelets donation! so a giant needle, and 70 minutes later I got to see what platelets and plasma looks like! Fun fact; plasma is yellow! 14962603_1761587047427729_8303564181678916544_n

Had a small camp reunion for the High School campers, which turned into a small “family” reunion for me and my “family” from camp!
Top picture is from during camp, and the bottom is at the reunion minus Jono aka the brother.family

Thanksgiving!!! A wonderful night filled with laughter, good conversation, and games! So that concluded a very fun November!


December 4th was Matt and I’s anniversary of dating for a year, so to celebrate, we got a betta fish!! His name is Maraschino and he’s kinda crazy.

And then later that day, he took me out to very nice dinner! It’s been a crazy adventure with him, and I am so excited to see what other adventures we have together!capture

Then finals week hit. And oh man did it hit. 5 finals later me and my bro were quite happy to be done! I couldn’t have made it through the quarter without her! She makes me laugh all the time even when I’m benching and then I almost die which is awesome.15380276_1776820965904337_1343407342632828322_n

And then it SNOWED!!! I was very excited. So Liz and I went outside and frolicked to our hearts content!15420882_915972338503078_4536074170955468421_n

And then on Christmas Adam (the day before Christmas Eve) it SNOWED AGAIN!! All the happies were had and I loved it!15621702_1785376411715459_9041053267746689967_n

In our house, my sister and I have a tradition of sleeping under the Christmas tree every Christmas Eve! It’s so much fun and this time we caught the giggles and oh man it was hilarious.


And then when we wake up; IT’S CHRISTMAS!!! After church, we took a picture of us all fancy like, and then 2 minutes later I was back in my PJ’s ready to open presents!



One of my presents from my parents was tickets to go to the Science Center to go see the Sherlock Holmes exhibit and oh my goodness it was so much fun!! Matt and I solved the crime, and then went to the butterfly house and ahhh I found my little friends. 15726659_1786579524928481_3537190909821895372_n

Then 2 days later, my mom and I flew out to Florida to have a short vacation with my grandparents! I love every opportunity I get with my family whether it be in another state, continent, or just at home.




Not to mention there are beautiful sunsets and beaches here…

And with that; that concludes my year! If you made it to the end, congratulations you’re a trooper that’s for sure!

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year’s!! Be safe, have an adventure and here’s to the next greatest year ever!


Getting out of the funk

Life has way of grabbing you by the ankle and slowly putting you into what I like to call a funk. 

College life has been especially interesting lately… Just when I think I have a grasp on my mental stability, BAM! my professors decide it’s time for allllll the homework to be assigned. (oh joy) After 7 weeks of this routine, I’ve noticed the funk settling in. So how does one combat said funk?

Well, I’m glad you asked! Lucky for you, I have way too much a little experience with fighting off the funk. 

Step 1: Take a walk. This is usually most needed when you’ve been staring at your laptop for the last hour just waiting for your homework to do itself. Just take a step back, walk around the house a few times, say hello to fellow humans, get a drink of water, stick your head out the door to get some fresh air, or if you’re feeling really brave; take a walk outside! After a few minutes of not thinking about the 4 papers you need to start, the reading quiz that’s due at 11:59PM tonight, the interview you need to write questions for, the 2 tests you have to study for in the next week, and that extra credit assignment that is your last chance, you might just be ready to face the screen again.

Step 2: Get a good playlist set up. I find that this method works great for me, because being left alone with just my thoughts can be a truly interesting experience. There are so many awesome songs out there just waiting to be listened too! A few of my favorites are:
Tell your heart to beat again 
Please don’t go

Step 3: Have a little dance party all by yourself. Just close the door, turn on your favorite dancing song (we all have one), and do that one “dance” that everyone says is not a real dance until you make yourself smile.

Step 4: Talk to a friend.Let them know that you’ve been thinking about them and that you hope they’re doing well. Sometimes we can get so focused on our own lives and problems, we forget that we are not alone in this big ole world. Maybe they’re in a funk as well and you talking to them is exactly what they needed!

Well there you go, 4 semi-simple steps to kicking life in the teeth and throwing your funk back to where ever it slinks from.

And hey if you try these steps and you’re still funky, well I got one word for you: chocolate.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a map to make for my favorite class ever.



P.S. more travel blogs are going to be up….. soon. 😀

P.P.S. I have Instagram now which is pretty hipster of me. citylifezebra check me (and my dogs) out!

Bonjour! (Part 3)

Bonjour again! I apologize for the long gap in between all these posts, college for me has started up again and its just as fun as ever! Anywho, more on college later but now here are more pictures from our days in the wonderful city of love!


This is in the Musée d’Orsay


3 beautiful Monet’s just waiting to be admired!

These next few paintings are by various artists, and they were some of my favorites!dscn1827dscn1828dscn1829-2dscn1833


One of Degas amazing ballerina figures


The view outside through one of the clock’s



I really liked this sculpture even tho it is not a full body, I felt like it represented what you might be feeling at the moment. very boxed in and without much character.


Small model of the Statue of Liberty


While walking to our Metro station, we went over one of the lock bridges, and even tho I didn’t place a lock, I still took a picture of them. There were hundreds!


Next stop was to the Arche de Triomph which was truly beautiful



After a few hundred stairs, we got a beautiful view of the city.



Gotta get a selfie with the Eiffel Tower coming out of your head


The tomb of the unknown solider which is directly underneath the Arche de Triomph



The sun setting behind the Eiffel Tower was a beautiful sight


It was also really beautiful to look around at the surrounding city basking in the glow from the setting sun.



As the Eiffel Tower lit up with its sparkles, it was such a beautiful sight!



When the sun disappeared behind the clouds.


One final shot of the night of the amazing view.

So that was another day! The next days will be up (hopefully) shortly!

Thanks for reading!


Bonjour! (Part 2)

So day 3!

Fun fact about Paris: it actually smells good! Not just the people, but the general air smells of beautiful flowers, fresh baked pastries, and some really good perfumes.

So after waking up to wonderful smells and having a quick breakfast we headed out to navigate the Metro, and found our way to take a “hop on hop off” bus tour, which is always a great way to get a scope for the city you’re touring and to see what areas you’d like to spend more time at!

Here’s a few of the sights I saw!


Notre Dame





A nice little view of the Eiffel Tower! And nooo it’s not like the movies where everywhere you go, you get a beautiful glimpse of it in the background. There’s many places you can’t see it. BUT this was not one of those places so yay!


See that tiny little gold looking doohickey riiiiight behind the street light? That is a replica of the flame that Lady Liberty in New York holds proudly above her head. This flame has been adopted as an unofficial memorial for Princess Diana after her tragic death in 1997.


We took a little stop along the Seine River and took a river cruise on it!



Cruised right by the Musee d’Orsay, where we were planning on going the next day.


Then we saw Notre Dame, which is spectacular!



And the all around scenery was just beautiful! It was also nice to be catching a little breeze off the water, as the weather was usually in the high 90’s (or low 30’s Celsius) plus some super pleasant humidity.


This guy was showing off by popping wheelies and I was secretly hoping he’d fall a little bit… but noo he was too good.


Add in an attempted nice picture with the sis… and you’ve got a typical sister picture.


Then we passed the Hotel des Invalides, which is now a museum dedicated to the military history of France, and as a hospital and a retirement home for war veterans which is what the building’s original purpose was..


Then it was off the boat, and after a delicious crepe eaten in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, we were back on the bus to continue the sightseeing!


This is the Palais Garnier, which is the setting Gaston Leroux based The Phantom of the Opera on.


Place Vendôme is a square where the Vendôme Column was originally placed by Napolean I to commemorate the Battle of Austerlitz.


Just some flower boxes lining the streets.



Then we swung by Notre Dame, and it’s even more amazing up close!


There are beautiful stain glass windows inside.



Liz and I were interested in climbing up the 387 steps to the top of the tower, so we went and waited in line for a good hour. Then we finally started climbing, and about 50 steps in, you pop out into a gift shop/ ticket sales. Apparently you have to pay to climb up, but that information is not advertised anywhere, and Liz and I did not have any Euro’s on us… soo we went back down and never got that hour of our life back. C’est la vie.

When we finally got back to our place, we enjoyed some time not walking, or really moving for the most part, which was great seeing how we walked approximately 15,000 steps a day. Which was actually good seeing how many pastries we were consuming.. but hey when in France eat a crap ton of fluffy goodness eh?

We waited till the sunset, and then headed to the Eiffel Tower to watch it sparkle as it does every hour. It was a very romantic sight, and it was beautiful.



So that was our crazy long day, but it was all very worth it!

Stay tuned for more parts of the adventure!


Bonjour! (Part 1)

Recently, I was on a crazy, amazing adventure! My family and I went to Paris, France for a few days before taking a train to Venice, Italy where we boarded the Rhapsody of the Seas for a beautiful cruise of Croatia and Greece, and then after that we were back in Venice for a couple days!
So of course I played tourist and snapped some tangible memories to share with the world!

This is my sister Liz who was the perfect adventure buddy. We were waiting at the Vancouver airport Saturday morning and we were super excited!!


After a fantastic 10 hours of flying, and thanks to wonderful time zones, we arrived in Paris Sunday morning!

We had the owner of the flat we were staying in pick us up from the airport and drive us home, which was awesome, seeing how we drove around the Arch de Triumph which is the craziest roundabout on the planet! You basically speed in and then pray until you get out.


This is it from ground view…


And this is the view from the top! (It’s like a million stairs to the top; stay tuned for that fun story)
So you see all those lanes coming from different areas? Yeeeup they all miraculously merge into the middle and you can see why it’s a nail biting experience…
Anywho… we get to the flat annnnnd 50 stairs up to the beautiful little flat, and a short nap later; we headed to the Eiffel Tower (which was conveniently 10 minutes away).


Funny story; right before we took this picture, Liz and I were approached by two ladies who didn’t speak a lot of English (which we were getting used to) and somehow we almost signed some petition for a charity thing… we weren’t really sure.


Super tall, so that’s pretty great, and basically just like the pictures. imagine that.

After that we headed to a little grocery shop, grabbed some great cheese, then went to a bakery and grabbed some delicious fresh bread and crazy amazing pastries.

A little while later, jet lag hit us so after some planning for our crazy busy next day, we hit the hay.

So that was day one/ two of our awesome European adventure!

Part 2 of this will follow shortly, I just didn’t want to completely overwhelm you with an insanely long post.

Au Revoir!

“The Lobster Award”

Technically this is named “The Liebster Award” but I’m jet-lagged beyond recognition so have a crustacean and let’s move along.

I was “nominated” *cough*forced*cough* to do this by my wonderful friend Hannah, so here goes anything. Apparently there’s “rules” (which are more like guidelines anyway) which go as follows:

Rules (Guidelines):
1.) Thank the blogger who nominated you
2.) Share the award on your blog
3.) Answer the 10 questions you are asked
4.) Nominate at least 10 more bloggers
5.) Ask 10 new questions
Sooo…. Thank-you-Hannah-for-nominating-me-for-my-first-ever-award-named-after-a-weird-pinching-crustacean-which-some-people-like-to-eat-mucho-apreciato.
Alright one down, 4 to go. well technically if you’re reading this I did numero 2 so BAM! 2 down 3 to go!
You heard the wanna-be chef!

1.) What is your favorite donut? ( i.e maple bar, plain cake, fruitloops on the top ect,.)

If you know me at all, you know I’m short. Short and not a huge fan of the donut. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I once got a cream cheese packet from a donut box, put it in my purse, forgot about it for a week, found it the next week and thought it was my lucky day and used it on my bagel. An hour later found me hunched over a toilet seat regretting all of my past choices.
So you can see why I steer clear of the donuts. Unless they’re donut holes. But even then I gotta watch it, because I love love the powdered sugared ones, which if you didn’t know; are potentially deadly.
Story time: Once upon a time a younger version of me decided to eat one of those amazing balls of death. And seeing how I wanted to ingest those powdery innocent looking carbs as quickly as I could, I put the whole thing in my mouth. But in my ever present graceful state, I got some powder on my nose. This caused a friend to start laughing at me, and they are one of those people with a super contagious laughter, so of course it makes me start laughing which is when it happened. As I inhaled to laugh, the powdered sugared morsel in my mouth released its powdery poison and it flew to the back of my throat. As soon as it happened I knew I was on limited time. My eyes wide and full of fear for my life, I started wheezing. I tried to get the the rest of the killer donut down my collapsing airways but to no avail, so out came the donut onto the ground for some pigeon to feast on later. Then came the liquids. Tears were released at full force from my eyes, snot threatened to crash the party and drool dribbled from my hacking pie hole. 30 long seconds later, all was restored to normal: liquids wiped away, air flowing through all the right places, and with a new respect for powdered sugar in place I left the scene of the incident. The End.

2.) If you were to appear in a comedic TV Show what would be your name and character? And what would be your signature phrase, look, or animal?

Meet Jacqueline Taylor Flexington, your semi-normal college sophmore. She works at the college gym, has a knack for awkward encounters with knuckle-headed gym turds, and likes to relax by using the gym after closing time or by cheating her “diet” with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s while binge watching Justice League. At an exact 5 foot 3 inches, she can take on anything within punching distance. Some call her fiesty or defensive but she has a soft side that can be brought out with coffee and puppies. You’ll hear her say “It’s roasty toasty in here” about 20 times a day, along with “awko taco” anytime someone drops a weight on their foot and quickly looks around to see if anyone saw it. we all saw it Mr. skips leg day…  Her closet has more gym attire then skirts and more running shoes then heels. She likes purple and turquoise along with neon yellow. Needless to say you’ll always see her coming, with her brown hair with new blue and purple streaks woven throughout all tied up in a ponytail that bounces with every step she takes. Give her anything with a zebra on it, and you’ve made a new friend.

3.) What is your favorite film from the ’90’s?

There’s a few….

-Aladdin, because Genie makes that movie amazing.

-Men in Black, because its just that amazing.

-Home Alone, because watching it with my Dad is the best.

-Mulan, because singing “I’ll make a man out of you” never gets old.

-Mrs. Doubtfire, because Robin Williams that’s why.


4.) What is one style of dress you think should NEVER be repeated?

Uhhh I’m no dress connoisseur (I had to google how to spell that, don’t worry I’m not that smart) but I’m not a fan of the ones that look like they’re made of foil…dress1Why. Just why?! So as long as you avoid the aluminum foil section of the store, I don’t really care what you make the dress out of.

5.) What is one style of dress you think should become popular again?

I’m actually sort of a fan of the 20’s look, with the more dropped waist. No clue if I could ever wear anything like it, but hey it looks good on these tiny people!


6.) Name a song that brings a happy memory to your mind.

Well there’s a few.

– One of These Days by FFH because of camp memories

Renegades by X Ambassadors because of memories with my boyfriend

Istanbul by They Might Be Giants because of car rides with crazy people

7.) Why for the love of mustard is the bun to hot dog ratio never right?
  *Bonus points if you know which movie this quote is from!*

Bonus points come to momma cuz “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium” is the home of that quote. And in answer to the question; no clue. I really don’t like hot dogs, and I’ll spare you the story that goes along with why.

8.) What is the best pickup line you have ever heard? ( or that has been used on you!? )

Alright here we go… Story time:

As I stated 30 pages ago, I’m recovering from crazy time changes because my family was in Europe for the last 3 weeks. (Stay tuned for that blog) Well the major chunk of time was spent on a cruise ship, and one night my sister and I went for a drink before watching a movie, and after she got her Pina Colada, she went to go sit down leaving me with Mr. Bartender. Which was fine; he was nice and friendly and I proceeded to order my drink, which is when things took an exciting turn. He saw my ring on my left ring finger and proceeded to ask “So is the pretty lady married?” I said “No, not married” “Engaged?” He continued. “Noo not engaged, it’s just a ring” I answered, feeling the blush creep onto my face. “Would you like to be?” He said smoothly. Pretty sure my wide eyes was enough of an answer but somehow I managed to get a laugh out and say “No thanks” The End.

Ahh fun times.

9.) Name a musical artist you never thought you’d get into and are now a complete fan of.

“They Might Be Giants” Total weirdo’s with wackadoodle songs, but they’re so crazy fun, you can’t help but play them on repeat and annoy every single person who ever drives with you.

10.) Give a random fact about you, your hair, and your hairbrush.

Like you guys haven’t heard enough random facts about me…
– My birthmark looks like a giraffe. (or a cat’s rear and tail if you’re my super kind sister and dad. thanks guys.)
– My hair has approximately 4 cow licks in it, and that’s just dandy.
– My hair brush is purple, and I’ve broken 5 of them. No no, not from aggressive brushing, or hitting people with it, simply by dropping it every day (on accident!!) until the poor thing surrenders and goes to hair brush heaven.
Whew I made it. Hopefully you made it past the powdered sugar donut Public Service Announcement.
So this is where the “Guidelines” come into play. I don’t exactly know 10 bloggers… so heyy if you’re a blogger and have the worst case of writers block, here ya go, you’re welcome.
My extremely well thought out questions:
1. What do you want to do with the rest of your life and why?
2. What one word makes you smile?
3. When was the last time you talked to a stranger and what was said? (You have to have said at least 10 words to them)
4. Where in the world do you never want to go and why?
5. If you could change your skin color to one of the rainbow colors, which would you chose?
6. Where have you had the best coffee? (or tea if you’re weird and don’t like coffee.. I’m kidding. mostly)
7. What is the last thing you took a picture of?
8. What do you like most about yourself?
9. When was the last time you pet an animal and how did that go down?
10. What was the last thing you broke?
BAM done.
Arrivederci mes amies hvala ti για την ανάγνωση!
Goodbye (Italian) my friends (French) thank you (Croatian) for reading (Greek)
Just a little hint of what’s to come from my trip….
Stay classy internet.
Peace out blorld!


Nope not that kind of deer.

Dear finals week,

Please don’t take this personally but we are not friends. We never have been, nor shall we ever be. To me, you are that weird mayo eating kid sitting in the corner talking to his toes. You have ruined any chance of me having any sort of life for this week, and I for one; do not appreciate it. To me, you are as unnecessary as my fourth toe; I can certainly survive without you. You make me cry, you make me laugh hysterically at 2AM when I realize I have another paper to do the next day. (or rather later that day cuz 2STINKINGAM) Also, why must you taunt me by making me think I know something and then realizing nope nope nope I definitely do not know something. You are the lowest of the low and need to be put in your place. Which is right next where I put bananas. Which is in the trash so BYEEEEE. While I do appreciate the chance to realize just how well I don’t retain knowledge, this takes it a bit too far. Well I believe I’ve made my point. In that case, I bid you BYEEEEEEE.

With my utmost, sincerest disdain;

A tired, brain dead, emotionally damaged student.